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College planning is hard and expensive. Let us help you save hours of time and stress.

👋 Henry Woodbridge

  • I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2015
  • Duke University Grad School
  • College Admissions Advising License (NACAC) '22
The most important part of my job is to listen and learn your child's authentic priorities to help them express the best version of themself. Then find colleges with the right campus environment where they will thrive academically and socially.
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📍Durham, NC

  • Remote or in-person at our offices in Durham, Cary, or Raleigh.

🗓 Availability

  • Openings for 6 students and families in the graduating classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027.


  • Limited offering of $89/month for all services or yearly rates starting at $1,000
  • Typical advisors charge $5,000 for similar services

College Admissions Coaching

  • Free consultation to learn your goals
  • Personalized plan with next steps, decision dates, and college list
  • 1 on 1 coaching calls to achieve regular progress


  • College application / essays: craft a unique personal narrative and hook
  • Extracurriculars & resume: start extracurriculars and improve resume
  • College selection: list of best-fit colleges academically, socially, and financially
  • Self-Discovery: personality assessments and college-fit analysis
  • As needed services: scholarships, mindset coaching, stress management
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Complimentary mobile app for an easier process

  • Mapt to make college planning enjoyable for Gen Z.
  • Parents and students and see all necessary college due dates
  • See your college list, next steps, and assessment results in one place.
  • Complete in-app personality assessments, unique intelligence type assessments, passion exploration.
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